Saturday, January 10, 2004

school is bursting with happenings. first of all i must express my gratitude for returning to school, despite a few drawbacks (such as waking up early, enduring bad timetables and long days) but i'm really really glad to see hmm. my classmates again. and plus i'll have things to do again instead of rotting (and just about to start gaining weight) at home.

all our teachers are still the same. yay. except......astro! ahem. no more comments. everyone's still more or less the same, with mr. wong getting cooler and "so easy what" or "mcq got answers at the back of the tys, no point going through the answer in class" (so xing4 ge2 right) and alfred starting the year off with his ritual first lesson pull long face scolding session. oh double block pe is with ms tan, so that's new. single block with kevin loh again. the joker sheesh. but in a fun way. mr. khoo, starting the year off really weirdly....whackily. urgh. philosophy. who knows what the Truth is please enlighten me. oh as i was staring at him in class i laughed to myself remembering how sonya swooned over him, in the toilet. or was it her friend? mr. ho's still the same. i think he's a really good teacher. long story. ms lee...hmmmmmmmmmmmm. she's really good at dealing with and handling us, makes us close to her albeit all the controversy.
the first week (this week that has just passed) i had a pretty horrible time making up all my homework=S...but i deserve it.

went for training just's getting better n better. but i already foresee a new problem. but a pretty happy training and i think i'll enjoy this year=) plus i finally got to run with serene=) oh and before training i stocktaked(stocktook?) astro room, which we cleaned up last night. (i feel so good about it now. so neat and tidy with no more junk. great work guys=). yeah, so, new astro teacher, a mr. loh, bio teacher. a pretty decent guy but i think he's feeling quite lost and i think they drew lots or sth. but with table tennis it's different, ms cheong's the new (a physics) teacher, (exrg girl, rather "jittery" as hon puts it). she's so excited about her new assignment, and well...jittery too.) ah digress again. yeah anyway we had a mini-stargazing session (hannah and i. very mini) oh and mr. wong was around too. we made him carry the mount for the c8 (he offered his services "need help?" awwwww how gentlemanly. but after that when carrying the mount he said "what is this. so light" . yeah yeah we know how li4 hai4 you are.) he was with a ('01 class) who was quite nice, joking about how bad a physics tutor mr. wong is and how glad he didnt' have him as a physics tutor but only as a badminton teacher in charge, which is alot worse considering seeing what he made the badminton pple do today=S...(but volleyball's still the worst i've seen. gawd). but most of the time i just made them wait really long as i tried setting up (it was supposed to be a training session for me=(...i'm still so blarh at it. but shu2 neng2 sheng1 qiao3....but the "shu2" part's pretty hard..) and tried finding things and trying to track things but unsuccessfully, getting lost in space. but last night was really good, seeing all those through the scope makes me remember why i like (liked?) astro and makes me like (i wish i could use a stronger word, maybe i could, soon) it again.

been seeing plenty of seniors come back, like fabian, i don't know why but was so "hello!!!" to see him. so we're supposed to arrange a meeting with herr w. about the deutscher verein soon, before fabian goes into camp. anyway he (fabian)'s really worried about dv dying off at our year.=S so we can bring him to herr w. and make him give some inspirational speech. we dont' have any experience for german day and stuff to pass it on to the new ao when they need help i don't know who we're gonna turn to .. could still contact fabian i suppose. so, took a photo with him (was after pe, i was so disgustingly wet and stinky. OH yes must talk about pe. mr. loh. grrrrr. actually pe's fun although they torture you sadistically (i bet it's their fav time of the year, the first few weeks of school) they make it pretty light hearted and allow you to "ow ow owwwwwww" and groan all the way. makes it plenty better when exercise is accompanied with groanings and protests. but for me i didn't find it too bad, mainly because of obs. kudos to obs!).

and just now during training i met jiayao (another "helloooo!!!!!" kinda thing, coz he's just so darn friendly.), and some funny guy i met and talked to in the photocopying shop who was wrestling with a jammy photocopier in front of me, who actually remembered me and said hello. so weird. making me have a hard time explaining to sihuan the exact reason.
oh and tmr i'm going to nanyang with her to play table tennis with ms poon and her friends. ("what the..." would be an appropriate expression at this point of time.) oh went for "team lunch" today. it was actually quite nice, except by the time we DID have lunch it was 2+pm.

oh and obs mates! i've been seeing some pple around, like jiahan (duh) charmain (duh duh) yonghe. but less were xiaohui, ivan, who's been running around for orientation (he's one of the lead characters for the storyline!=), and....jovina! i was at the ts block corridor, you know how dark it is and usually you can only recognise pple by their...err...shapes as they walk towards you with their back to the light (at the end of the tunnel). basically it's a pretty messy place. so, i saw her coming out of one of the classrooms, but it took me a full 5 seconds before i realised it was her, because she had cut her hair short (to shoulder length) and before i had a chance to shout her name we were all moving off. rather, as she was moving off i realised it was her. oh and met xiaohui yesterday, he doesn't seem to see pple right in his face; i was walking in the opp. direction as him but still had to shout and wave in his face to get his attention (maybe he's like a frog, sensitive to movement. wait are frogs sensitive to movement?). but it was a very interesting and "touching" encounter, as i was telling yixuan last night, because he was rushing off to class yet still took the time to talk to me, but what's more was that he said "eh got any outings tell me". hmm. weirdly touching. i saw yonghe last night during orientation night. i think he was going out with his og=) awww. but the qtn is...where's mine?. charmain's in my single block pe again. so everytime i see her it's either groaning about pe or groaning about how we wanna go back to obs. i saw her during volleyball training today. the teacher's pretty mean...=S... mean as in, puts them through hell. jiahan's pretty ok, but once in a while he breaks into evil, cackling laughter during lectures (maths i think. and i SAW WHY. guys are but other than that, he's really pro at guitar, everytime i see him at guitar he's just playing away some nice piece of music which sounds so well-rehearsed. actually i only saw him once at guitar prac and that was today.

i'm applying for physics S, after encouragement from pple. sigh raise my hopes again just as i had come to terms with that. i hope the vp likes my reason for applying for physics S.

i've been so busy (or maybe lazy too) to update my own journal.=(.

meanwhile my wish for the next few weeks: keep up the "let's tackle the homework asap!" spirit.

jen: go back rg during cny?

serene: shall i go earlier again next sat and run with you before training=)?