Monday, July 31, 2006

everything's gonna be alright.

wah very long time haven't blogged. though i think once/month is fine=P

june 27
met up with junwan and fiona for dinner. nice. girls' night out. fiona showed us her venice photos, and her nice hair of course;) then had dessert with junwan. and our usual precious time to talk=). yumyum.
june 28
meet the juniors. so i met all my new juniors who're going to uiuc. yay. heheh. psst i like the girl she seems very sweet.
so anyway. it was good to see all my batch pple too. and some seniors. harhar one of them was really cute, i heard about his gf so i asked show me your gf, then he said, come come, with a proud little grin. i thought that was really cute.
after that i met up with christelle, who is finally back, after a month in japan. she shared with me her photos and stories=). and we had a nice leisurely evening chitchatting, ending with sitting by the river outside the esplanade. =).
june 29
met up with shyhchang lihao and shouyi at bugis for dinner. nice catching up=) too bad the rest couldn't make it. namely zhihao and junrong. next time round then. when ooi is back as well. we went to a nice turkish restaurant and had dessert after that. =) i like my holiday.
june 30
yunlei and co. had lunch at crystal jade at holland v, while i waited for the 3f pple to arrive. well, just bena andy (who's leaving for US the next day. so soon). shulin (who's leaving mid july as well.) and weili. we had sushi, and it was just quite nice to catch up=).
then met up with sq and helmi for dinner at PS. harhar it's always a strategic planning for SSA session. interesting. i was quite sad...wanted to watch the germany v argentina match out with them=((.. but quite late...guess not. anyway, speaking of that match, 4:2 on penalty. yay deutschland gewinnt! thanks to klose.
july 2
met junwan and tracy at jurong pt. went to get present for fiona's bday which is july 5.. another girls' day out. we shopped around for a while... then sat down and had fries and milkshake. wah. fatt.
july 3
surprisingly ooi came to work. i mean he landed on sat night. =S
after work i headed to fish and co. and we celebrated fiona's bday! quite alot of pple came=) some of the seniors too. yay. then we played a prank on her. she almost had to end up washing dishes for fish and co coz of inability to pay for the whole meal. harharharhar. she was sufficiently traumatized i believe. aiyoh fiona, should have more faith in us mah.
then after that we went lanning.-_- my first time. kinda coerced into it. but quite fun leh. fiona controlled where to run, and i controlled the shooting. junwan was chionging everywhere while fiona crawled everytime she saw a corner coming up. damn funny. and everyone else chionged past us crawling, calling us hum. harharhar. too bad.
july 4
junwan and kokhao came to arts for lunch, to exchange some stuff. so they had lunch with all the imre n i2r pple. not too bad=)
on a side note, HARHAR. lousy ooi. oh and junrong started work too.
went to zhihao's house in the evening for tennis again. there's this new girl from justin's lab, susie. sarah couldn't make it in the last min coz she was running for the bus and sprained her ankle=S after tennis i stayed for "dinner" and talked to zhihao and justin for quite long. one of the few occasions we can catch up for so long i guess. nice. happy there are more nice pple around!
july 6
met up with yeeonn zhenchang, and hannah! we had dinner at raffles city and choc fondue after that. harhar zhenchang is so nonsense lar, as usual. he's so frank. well at least that makes me feel like we've been friends for very long (have we?). yeeonn was so pooped he was having trouble staying awake. happy for them that they're gonna start medschool soon. yay. =). after that i came back with hannah, and visited her room in hall11. then she came over to my place=).
july 7
dinnered with ooi junrong joshua and gerentt after work at ghimmoh. harhar soooo ridiculous. we ended up playing "soccer". very amused. life is good. correction, slack life is good. will kinda miss work, coz of all the funny characters.=)
july 8
went to val's after lunch at holland v. yunlei jiamin and kai came too. it's so different now. last time we used to take 190 to orchard and at most treat ourselves to mudpie at nydc. and stinge on things. and complain about labs and change for pe in class. but now...kai came to pick us up from the station...suddenly it seems like we all grew up. i stayed for dinner at val's place, and had a nice chat with her as she drove me back to the station afterwards. =)... at least, though we wouldn't get in touch that often, when we meet up again there's no -it's been so long it's so awkward-, we just pick up where we left off=).
july 9
went to my dad's friend's place. entertained his kids. stayed till evening. i've known his kids since they were 2 months and 5... and now they're 13 and 17. wow.
july 10
went for my first diving theory lesson. siiiiaaaaan. and was alone=(. nvm next lesson i'll see jenniequah.
july 11
met up with emily and amos at nus for lunch!=)) harhar i gave her the big hershey's kiss.
went to town with joshua junrong and ooi after work, met up with shouyi, and shyhchang and lihao at orchard. there, all of us (except zhihao. again:/).
july 12
yay had lunch with eunice=)). hai. my favouritest exchange student. will miss her next semester. want to roadtrip to some state park with her some more=((((. she's one of the few rare girls who seems like an older sister to me. and i really need that in uiuc. i bet after goign back for fall, i'll understand how junwan felt after coming back for spring. =(.
july 14
the ipho pple came for the tour. i was leading one group around. guess who were the leaders of the south korean and israeli groups i was leading. ocs and fionalim! cool.
oh yeah, dickson's last day. harhar but it's alright, i'll prob see him so much in champaign i'll be sick of him=PPP harhar jk. at least One nice person is coming to uiuc=PPP
met helmi at city hall for our SSA meeting. ran into so many pple though. kinda strange, the unusually high density of uiuc singaporeans in that area. we ran into: mark wilfred mark kay vincent and dennis with his 2 friends (that he told me about before).
so, we had our meeting. everything set. then we popped in on the surprise bday dinner for vincent. there were many other pple too. rachel had arrived by then, and jinyuan. it's been really long since i've met him! and dennis of course. and the other joshua (senior). very sweet.
july 15
went for ktv with the usual bunch. harhar nice. but at 2 had to leave for the ssa alliance thing, which was just opp jurong east actually. met selene there=). and many others. helmi was there too of course. and shouyi. and chim!!
july 17
shhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell anyone. we played table tennis after lunch. till relaly late. but i got kicked by ooi. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. die. grr.
we missed the imre bus... and ridiculously ended up getting out of nus at 7. funny lar.
july 18
yay met up with jennie and we went to outram for our first pool session. ok lar. quite boring. but it felt weird to be instructed to Breathe with your head in the water. interesting feeling harhar. then jennie came back with me to stay, since she has to work the next day and my place is so much nearer. we got back close to 12, but my parents were very nice, cooked for us and all, and there was even dessert=) then just lazed around..but we both felt very pooped.
july 19
went for lunch with the aga advisor, and 3 other serc girls. um. Interesting......
went for 2nd theory lesson with jennie after work.
july 20
2nd pool session. we're all geared up, just waiting for hantu! glad i'm goign with her lar.
oh yeah we had lunch at mac's today. it was the first time i saw fcs join us for lunch. yay.
taking the imre bus to clementi there was a major major jam. then ooi joshua and i each came up with an explanation for why there was a jam. omg. -_-. kartik on the other hand, opted for a philosophical approach. OMG. harharhar.
after i got home from the pool session, got a weird weird call. dpoon.2! he was roadtripping, somewhere on the autobahn. (actually) looking forward to seeing him after he comes back in august. it'll be interesting next semester, living next to the 4 of them. have a feeling i'll have the time of my life. assuming i'm not overwhelmed by 1. courses 2. ssa stuff.
july 21
rjc talk in the afternoon. very very traumatized. but alot of pple came to support. in the end there were more uiuc pple than there were rj students.
i didn't bother going to work in the morning coz i had to complete my presentation. besides, there wasn't anyone in. all the oldies were participating in the ceremony. aries' batch was helping out, bilin was awarded, and ooi joshua and junrong were all gonna usher.
after i was done with the rjc talk i went to lavender with joshua (who was kind to drive us=)) junwan and ui aik (yay he's in town!!) to get tickets to ipoh. meanwhile i found out that ooi and co. were severely cheated of their feelings: they were asked to go at 11, when the ceremony starts at 3pm. ha-ha. sorry, evil. harhar.
after that we all met yeelin and mark at city hall for our meeting. last min to settle stuff for tmr's briefing.
and then i had a nice funny evening.
july 22
big day! uiuc predeparture briefing day. everythign went smoothly. i liked the video=). food was good. juniors were clumping. many seniors came!
met up with alot of 3f pple in the afternoon at holland v. coz bena is flying this evening. so many! yingheng baoluo qianli wangning telle xiaohui bao shifeng hon. and of course bena. we were at haagen dazs for really long. catching up. i think it's the last 3f meeting before i fly off again...i foresee..
july 23
e2k6. wah so many pple. almost everyone i could think of was there. almost. had lunch with fiona=) she showed me nice fried rice at far east. very leisurely. hung out with some of the ucla and stanford pple before the fair started. liked to disturb the ucla pple and steal their .. what's his name.. the bear thing. harhar. bruins! and kope chocolate from them also. alot of pple came to the uiuc booth to enquire, rather surprisingly. i couldn't answer any qtns... all psych bio engine ee business... oops. felt quite useless.
july 24
psst. table tennis again. harhar. then joshua and i went over to i2r and lounged around with junrong. i really shouldn't be divulging this, gives us such a bad image.=S
after work i went to justin's place for tennis. sarah zhihao and someone else from justin's lab was there. his mom was really nice, saved me some dinner. and he had a poodle. he didn't know he had one either, till he came back.
july 25
um. we went to the library after lunch. -innocent whistle-.
july 26
um. we did an exchange program. in i2r again. a challenge of our vocabulary. -another innocent whistle-.
went to town after that, for mark's bday (july 29th) dinner. kokhao junwan fiona eunice joshua all came=). yay. dpoon and ui aik both called too, thought that was very thoughtful of them.
july 27
ran into sixuan at jurong east station! so chatted with her for a while. hmmmmm. hai. problems problems.
had lunch at science, where i ran into grace tan=). and ooi joined us a bit later too. not bad, gei wo mian zi harhar. and we went to the coop after that, where i got pepperidge farm cookies (i know ui aik likes them!) and ferreros to give to him.
did my clearance today. sth on tmr. none of my supervisors were around.
went home grabbed a shower and came out with my stuff again. i'm so excited. tonight i'm going to ipoh with tracy and nicholas to visit ui aik! ahhh!! =)))).
july 28
we reached at about 5.20am.. and ui aik came around to pick us up. his driving is. fast. harharhar. we had dim sum for bfast, then went back to his house (which is gorgeous=). hey what more can i say, we all got beds) for a nap, and then went to a temple-in-a-cave and fed tortoises. "that's about all that ipoh has". then we went for lunch (pple there like to drink herbal tea...) and to a shopping complex. we watched lady in the water. ui aik's "tall good looking kickboxer friend" joined us. then dinner, ipoh hor fun=))). getting fat. nicholas helped with ui aik's cs hw after that..and i didn't wanna stay at home, so two of us drove out. i like bickering with drivers and disorientating them. he insisted he wasn't lost while i insisted he was. harhar. so we chatted a bit before heading back.
july 29
we took the bus to KL, had lunch at secret recipe and gorged on the dessert. then we went to KLCC...oogled at expensive stuff. and then visited the KL tower. quite nice a view=) the introduction was funny: you'll not only fall in love with KL but also the person you're with, so make sure you bring the right person. harhar, i'll keep that in mind. then went shopping near our hotel... got all that i wanted/needed.. had frog porridge for dinner... and we headed back to the hotel to gear up for an evening of clubbing.
zouk didn't let us in, coz half (kinda) of us were under 21. so we went to another one, which was quite pleasant! the decor was really nice, the floor wasn't so packed though... but there wasn't much for ui aik and me to do... so he dragged me around the block about twice and then we had supper. went back in to meet tracy and nicholas. and that was about it.
july 30
we got up late.. and then just went for lunch at some steak place. then rushed around to get stuff before getting onto the bus back to sg.
well i'm really glad i went for this trip. the main thing is that i got to know ui aik better. and in him i see alot of the things i see in my other friends: to be so generous to your friends, and to make the effort to really care about them too. and share their problems and tell them the truth even when it's ugly and try to think of solutions that might just work because pang guan zhe qing. i'm still learning, but i've plenty of good e.g.s to learn from=).
aug 1
woke up really early and went to nus to meet dickson and jingshan to buy books. i enjoyed picking on dickson's driving mwahahaha. i Had to sit in his car, otherwise i won't have a chance to pick on him before he picks on me for the rest of the year in champaign. but he's fine, (a little slow), but very very safe. good. and of course i wouldn't miss the chance of bickering with another driver;)
well i got all my books after we visited clementi bookstore. then met junrong fcs and ooi for lunch at arts. coz we were gonna go play table tennis again hehehehe. but we found out that the mphs were all occupied because it was matric day. sad. so we came up with a ridiculous plan, and ended up in imcb, with joshuatan shifeng lihao and zhihao joining us as well.=))). turned out great=)

well i've less than 3 more weeks to go before i depart again. hmmmm. ambivalent of course. it's been fun.

july 29th.
happy birthday jennie quah!!
paiseh i wasn't around. but lots and lots of love. you've worked hard for what you've gotten, and you deserve it. i'm really happy for you. see you soon;)
harhar. one more thing. you're the closest thing i have to a sibling. (including the arguments and wanting things our own way. i am very amused)

aug 1.
happy birthday kai!!
hope you had a good year, and hope you have a happier upcoming year=) this is kinda mushy and a clumsy way of expressing what i feel, i hope you get what i mean: you'll always be in my heart.

here i am, very confused again. i'm so occupied and i can't help it.
it's ok, a few more months' time.
despite all, i still feel the same. (what a stubborn and incorrigible kid) i wonder though. perhaps in this matter i should be fully like uiaik: imagine the worst possible scenario.
i think it's really hard to make good friends once you get past the sec 3/4/j1/j2 years. well, i guess after you're 19 or 20 it's hard to make friends. because:
1. you already have old friends whom you wanna spend all your time with
2. you don't show your self so easily; you're not as trusting/gullible, and well there's just no need to.
3. you have too wide a social circle, too many a choice to choose who you wanna develop further friendships with.
smart pple take away much more from life than not so smart ones. so the key is to be more absorbent. -raise eyebrow-.
had a pretty good month. suddenly a whole year has passed, i realise, while i was talking to some juniors. it's time for the new uiuc pple to depart for school. all the excitement all over again. i'm glad i'm a returning student, i never liked new things. i always like stability and routine.
i look forward to housewarming, chicago over labor day, mwg!! etc etc etc etc. ;) i look forward to a new way of life. and i miss my car;(