Wednesday, September 13, 2006


is a sad season. within 12 hours, two sniffly friends.
i'm here. though admittedly i can't do much to solve your problem or even better, dispel it.
so jen flew off this morning (her night). so exciting.=).

well life is like that lor. .doing homework and online all the time ("what else can i be doing other than be on msn if i'm not at class/sleeping/socializing"), nothing about that is new. doing everything last minute but astoundingly calm about it (yes i unnervingly amaze myself). kind pushing my limits a little though.. in terms of participation as well as ... harhar homework.

feels like i've already been here for at least a month, but no, it's only been 23 days.
so between then and now, we've had a few events in the ssa: walmart trip (did i already mention that? don't recall).. quad day....chicago trip over labor day (was a good experience for me)....grape+apple plucking at curtis orchard/paintball, and lots of dinners at manwok of course.
the freshmen are...interesting. big bunch. fascinating dynamics. already unbelievably bonded... interesting. (and lots of a different sense too;) oolala. so much gossip -rubs palms-
i think the ssa's doing well in this new sem, more organized, and members are very on about turning up for events. i'm personally very happy with myself for iniating a few things. eh. maybe one. it helps the club bond, that's what i had envisioned, involving members in the little activities, letting them interact with one another more frequently instead of only during "official events", and that, ladies and gentlemen, has always been ... my plan to take over the world! mwahahaha. ok. at least to make the ssa internally cohesive.

but of course also coz of all these powerhouse figures organizing stuff (bernard never ceases to amaze. did i also mention he got me an income?). i think we're doing great. =)
i'll talk more about the events. when i feel like it. =P. there are plenty of upcoming ones too. like food fest on saturday and maf and whitewater rafting;).

but i'm in the mood i was in last sem. which = bad. which = slack. and lessons are painful despite a wonderful schedule.
the nice things about coming back though, are driving everywhere, therapeutic walmart trips, (and now, tada! sam's club trips! but not as fun coz not 24/7=P ie cannot go at 1ams), dessert@midnight with fav pple/friends/gossipers=), movies...etc. and of course being in my own aptment, own bedroom, nice new comforter, 5 mins away from loomis, 30s away from my car... popping over to wonderful neighbors' place to do some disturbing every now and then. -glee-.

hmm, some things are a little different this semester though (the feeling of being online esp). feel a little more numb, a little more impatient/patient (depends on the mood), and a little less hope. feels like a different stage... but yet so staid. need a breath of fresh air. and i don't want it to be different.=(